About Us

We Are Your Favourite Store.

Our business is locally owned and operated by myself and my husband. All our products are locally soured.

I decided to open the business early this year. It started off as a hobby, all my friends and family were very impressed with my plant designs and my decor product. My products were selling as fast as I could make them so I decided that it was best to register as a business and see where this new opportunity will take us.

So it begun what started off as a passion and my love for plants and home decor turned into a business. 

Magical Word Beans & Memory Garden Seeds Available for Funerals & Wedding Favors To Make your Memories Live on.

Magical Word Beans are laser engraved beans which once planted, grow into a leafy green plant with their special words and messages still in tact! 

They are a gorgeous, unique way to show you care.
Our collections have been beautifully designed with the perfect sentiments and imagery, for all occasions. 

Magical Word Beans is the interactive gift experience that keeps giving! We can tailor create a gift product for your event or special occasion with endless possibilities for custom packing and custom engraved beans!

Plants n Logs Mini Gardens Care Instructions

Mini log/pot gardens have become remarkably popular in recent years, recently Plants n Logs has designed a unique mini garden. The shape and symmetry combined with its amazing hardiness made Plants n Logs mini log/plant gardens what they are today, making a great table centre or wall hanging. The logs are all handcrafted, each log is individually hand carved and has its own exclusive design. We also individually design mini pot gardens, all available from Plants n Logs.

Our mini log garden composed of hand crafted logs that are all individually designed and is handmade, we offer a great range of colours that last many years with little maintenance.

Most of our plants in the mini pot and log gardens are all hand propagated to form many different and unique plants and succulents, making them all stunning that is different from all others. This can be a special gift for a person who has everything.

if your mini log garden/ mini pot garden are grown indoors, they should be kept in bright well-ventilated position, perhaps in front of a window. Rotating them from an indoor to an outdoor every now and then is great for your mini garden to make them thrive.

Your succulent and plants in your mini gardens do like to be sprayed with a spray bottle with water or Plants n Logs tonic that is available from our website. A rule of thumb in hot weather with your mini garden is to water them 2 times a week. Just tip about 1/4 to 1/2 cup depending on the size of your mini garden and only 1/4 cup in the cooler months once a week. Spraying with spray bottle every 3 day in the hotter months and once a week in the cooler months. Using our Plants n Logs tonic is always a good idea. If your moss is dry to touch spray with water, our tonic has been especially mixed with ingredients that we have tried and tested on our mini succulent gardens. We have been using this tonic and we find the mini gardens thriving.

We highly recommend to use our Plants n Logs tonic

Pests and diseases
The most common pests found in plants are snails, caterpillars, mealy bug and aphids. Softer leaved plants are more prone to attack and a good pesticide can be used in these cases.
Fungal diseases generally occur in poorly ventilated dark environment, so place your mini log/ pot garden in filtered sunlight. If this is not possible, take your mini log/pot garden outside from time to time.
Over watering also causes your plant to rot so be careful not to over water.

Plant Tonic/Food
This tonic/ food has been specially formulated to keep your miniature log garden to look the very best and making it grow to its fullest beauty. We make this formula at home and have tried and tested it for well over a number of years. This does not only do our logs thrive, by regular use all our plants love it, thus making our garden very beautiful.
Food available by the 2 litre bottle CONCENTRATED FORMULA

Mixing Direction
50mls to 1ltr water
Use once a week in the hotter months and every 2 weeks in the cooler months
For bigger gardens use more tonic/food formula e.g. 100mls to 2 ltr
Place it in a watering can with large spray.